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The story of two founders with a vision of bringing Sri Lanka’s first ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment platform to life. Explore their story from setting up Algoredge in 2019, their journey with financial institutions and how they came to develop their own AI-driven BNPL platform.
Learn what it takes to get through the early challenges of setting up a business and their advice for all aspiring start-up founders.

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Seylan revolutionises buy now, pay later in partnership with Mintpay

Learn about a pivotal partnership between Seylan Bank and Mintpay that helped build momentum for the beginning of an era in Sri Lanka’s Buy Now, Pay Later space. The foresight and vision driving this partnership are expected to bring much-needed flexibility and convenience to customers. At the same time, learn about why merchants will see the enormous appeal of BNPL payment methods as well.

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The rise of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payment platforms

The introduction of the Buy Now, Pay Later platform, Mintpay, is rapidly changing how consumers interact with online shopping. While Sri Lanka is still relatively new to the concept, the world has already embraced BNPL, and it is geared to earn 3% of global e-commerce spend by 2023.
>With benefits to merchants and customers online, learn more about how BNPL may become the future of e-commerce in Sri Lanka.

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Heralding Online Shopping Freedom in Sri Lanka

Explore how Mintpay and the BNPL approach to e-commerce are making waves across the island.
Buy Now, Pay Later is a growing space disrupting the way e-commerce is being conducted across the globe. Perfectly geared towards price-conscious customers, Mintpay is offering buyers and sellers the convenience and flexibility missing in Sri Lanka thus far. As a result, online shopping will never be the same!

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Big Data for Better Decisions: How Algoredge Gives Firms a Glimpse of the Future

With millions of dollars being moved around by financial institutions, having an accurate risk assessment for credit decisions is vital. Learn about how Algoredge leveraged big data and machine learning to bring a more intelligent, faster and safer approach to making credit decisions in Sri Lanka. Explore how this laid the foundation that led to the eventual founding of Mintpay, the rapidly growing Buy Now, Pay Later platform in the market today.

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