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Getting started with mintpay
What is Mintpay?
How does Mintpay work?
How can I use Mintpay?
How is Mintpay different from a credit card?
Am I eligible to use Mintpay?
How do I sign up?
Payments and charges
Are there any additional costs for using Mintpay?
Do I have to pay any interest?
How are the instalments paid?
What is Mintpay split limit?
Can I purchase above my Mintpay approved limit?
How to increase my split limit?
Which cards can I use?
What happens if I am unable to pay my instalments on time?
How does Mintpay make money if you don’t charge interest or fee from customers?
Payment schedule
What is the billing cycle for the repayment of instalments?
Will I be notified about upcoming payment dues?
Managing orders
What if my goods haven't arrived or arrived damaged?
How does the refund process work?
How long does it take for the refund to be processed?